MHCS are specialised in the recruitment and consultancy for the Hospitality and Catering sectors

The only way a hotelier could know what is really happening in his/her hotel when he/she is not around is through mystery shopping. As a result, I decided to shop around and came across MHCS. Towards the end of year 2012, I contacted them and discussed my needs and immediately we organised these visits where mystery shoppers stay at the hotel and they report feedback on the operations of the hotel during their visit. Till today, I have mystery shoppers through MHCS auditing the hotel as I strongly believe that members of staff have to be aware of how to behave and perform their duties at all times. Feedback is the breakfast of Champions, and this type of feedback from these type of audits can only improve standards and the respective service given at all times. We live in a very conscious environment, and therefore it is of utmost importance that clients’ feedback are listened to at all times. Mystery Shopping achieves this. Thank you MHCS for your professional service.