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Creating Meaningful Professional Interactions


Boost your professional interacting and communication skills while enriching your business English on a short course in collaboration with BELS .

This short course has been devised jointly between MHCS Ltd a consulting company within the hospitality sector which also delivers training in soft skills, with BELS, a highly respected Business English Language School which provides business English courses to individuals as well as to local and international companies.

The course which embodies Customer Care has been designed to provide individuals with a deep rooted understanding of interacting and communication techniques which forms the basis for relationship building. Such knowledge will reinforce the confidence of delegates in their own ability to interact within an English speaking culture and this in turn will allow them to integrate into their surroundings more easily

Proficiency in business English will embody written as well as oral efficacy so that individuals engaged in all industry sectors and at whatever level will be as much at home dealing with an external customer as much as an internal one. This course is recommended whether the individual wants to improve his own personal being or whether it will serve the person well in their work within the service or commercial sectors.

A business entity that encounters difficulties owing to miscommunication that could occur due to the different interpretation of language by individuals will realise a quicker solution by suggesting attendance on this course. It is accepted that colloquial English is in use every day and the course addresses such nuances and double meanings that tend to be so prolific.

The size of groups attending courses will be small so as to allow facilitators to focus on the development of each individual. At the end of the course each person will have a one on one session to address remaining queries and to seek advice for further guidance if they so wish.

For more information on joining this one-time relationship building / business English course, as well as for detailed course content, click here. Alternately contact us at MHCS at [email protected] or at BELS at [email protected]

Tailor-made programmes are also available for companies wishing to offer in-house training sessions for their teams.

Date of first course : Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November

Time : From 4.00 to 7.00pm; On Wednesday evening the course terminates at 7.30pm

Venue : BELS – St Paul’s Bay


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